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We are the most interesting option in Multibrand Technological Workshops.

At Croix Car Service, we are already prepared to meet the needs of even Premium segment cars, with extensive technological alternatives and state-of-the-art machinery that allow us to optimize the time and precision of repairs. We want to revolutionize the existing concept of how we were used to seeing a Multi-brand workshop and taking it to a higher level.

We have the multi-brand technical capacity to serve: Cars, SUVs, Vans and Motorhomes. True to our motto: Enjoy the road we take care of the rest, which comes from always looking for an effective solution to each of our clients' problems so that their car is not a headache for them.

We are passionate about automotive, no matter what car you drive or what range it is, at Croix Car Service we feel fortunate every time a customer allows us to be part of the history of their automobile.

Croix Car Service has extensive facilities, an auto parts store, and a large waiting room that we use mostly to share and exchange points of view on automotive matters with our clients, friends and professionals in the sector.

We are not only a workshop, we are a space created for automotive enthusiasts.

It is a pleasure for us to restore, repair or improve a car, each one has a story to tell and we want to be part of that story, at the same time that we can appreciate how our clients become our friends.

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